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Chemical Engineering Program

Woburn, Massachusetts

Host Company Description

As a leader in high-performance fiber optical components, modules, and systems, this company prides itself on developing best-in-class tech at affordable prices. From conceptual design to the manufacturing process, their operations are all in-house and handled by their highly experience team of engineers and industry professionals. The host is located just outside of historic Boston, MA.

Opportunity Details

Program Duration - 12–18 months
Compensation - $15.00 per hour
Housing - Room provided
Start date - Spring 2023
Number of Positions Offered - 1

About The Location

Woburn, Massachusetts, is located about 10 miles northwest of Boston, nearly at the head of the Mystic River Valley and roughly halfway between Lowell and Boston. L-shaped and comprising 13 square miles of land, it is a small city of approximately 38,000 people. The city is bordered by the towns of Wilmington on the north, Stoneham and Reading on the east, Winchester on the South, and Burlington and Lexington on the west. First settled in 1640 and incorporated as a distinct township in 1642, it is thus one of the oldest and most historic communities in New England. Colonial Woburn also once encompassed the modern Massachusetts towns of Wilmington, Burlington, and Winchester, but these communities eventually broke off into separate townships in 1730, 1799, and 1850 respectively.

The Woburn of today is mix of quiet residential neighborhoods, vibrant office and industrial parks, and wooded conservation areas, such as the Horn Pond Reservation, Forest Park, and Shaker Glen. As a result of its long history, virtually all the historic architectural styles typical of New England are found in Woburn. These include the Baldwin Mansion, built in 1661 by Deacon Henry Baldwin and altered to its present Federal-era appearance by his great-grandson, Colonel Loammi Baldwin in 1803, and the Woburn Public Library, the first public library designed by the great Victorian-era architect H. H. Richardson, his first work after completion of his masterful Trinity Church in Boston.

  • receive training in chemical vapor deposition process
  • conduct chemical modification on fusion splicing of optical fiber
  • measure energy levels of the materials used
  • collaborate with the team on current design and manufacturing projects

Applicant Qualifications

  • To apply for the Internship program, you must be Electrical/Chemical Engineering related undergraduate student OR a recent graduate starting the program within 12 months of graduation.
  • To apply for the Trainee program, applicants must hold Electrical/Chemical Engineering degrees and have least 1 year of professional work experience related to the degree, OR be career professionals of 5 or more years of professional experience in this field
  • Applicants must speak advanced English
  • Familiarity with a variety of chemical engineering best practices, etc.
  • Prior lab and or research experience


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