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Gateway Canyons Resort

Gateway, Colorado

Praca v USAAbout The Resort

Gateway Canyons Resort is a Five-Star Resort nestled in the Palisades of Western Colorado, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s most impressive creations at Gateway Canyons.   The town's name denotes its location at the entrance to Colorado from bordering Utah, and the surrounding landscape reveals something of both states. Gateway Canyons Resort is a beautiful oasis with access to mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking and climbing, fishing and rafting, an auto museum and much more, all set amid the area's unique setting.

Opportunity Details

Culinary - $15.00 per hour
Front Office - $14.00 per hour
Food and Beverage - $12.56 per hour, some positions will be tipped but this wage is always guaranteed
Start date - Fall-Winter 2023 / Spring 2023
Program duration - 12 months

About The Location

Gateway is a remote recreational/vacation destination. From Grand Junction Regional Airport 2 hour drive.  From Denver International Airport 4.5 hour drive.  The amazing property offers a high end Five Star training in a luxury environment.  The host provides many opportunities for cultural exchange activities.  This property is great for someone who enjoys small town living, looking for exceptional training surrounded by beautiful landscapes with many outdoor activities.

Housing Details

Onsite shared furnished housing, utilities and Wifi included. Two people of same gender to share bedrooms and 4-6 to share an apartment. Housing is within walking distance from the resort.

Monthly Rent: $260 per month per person


  • Grand Junction Airport (GJT)
  • Do not book travel until approved the host property. There are specific arrival dates to ensure airport pickup and housing check in. If you arrive outside of the arrival dates/times provided you will need to secure a hotel room until the next arrival date.
  • Transportation from airport, host will provide airport pickup and then take you to the local grocery store to purchase food and essentials.

Appearance standards

You will be provided with uniforms shirt. Please bring black, non-slip, closed-toe shoes.

Grooming Standards, associates are expected to be in uniform, neat and clean appearance to fit a Five-Star environment. More details will be provided on this.

 Additional Details

  • Weekly transportation to Grand Junction for shopping.
  • One free meal at the employee cafeteria per shift.


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